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Candy LaBalle
LaBalle Admissions

Phone: +34610064964   +34610064964

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Business School,Graduate School

Test prep (GMAT-TOEFL-GRE-etc),Resume/CV Preparation,School Interview Preparation,Wait-list evaluation,Re-applicant Consulting

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We are the go-to experts for Spanish students seeking graduate education. We believe in helping our students find their “perfect fit,” whether that is a top-3 MBA or a top-30, an MFin in Europe or an EMBA in Asia. We coach our students through all stages of applying (essays, CV, interviews…). We support them in the tough moments and share their joy when they are admitted. This personal attention combined with our in-depth knowledge greatly improves our students’ admission chances and reduces the stress of the application experience. mbaSpain founder Candy Lee LaBalle has 14+ years in admissions coaching and is a Board Member of AIGAC.


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